when u get a fade

Kim jong un one of the freshest niggas on the planet

Fraud Bank$

Robb Bank$ would be way better if he didn’t try to act all tough outside of his music. He ain’t bout that life.





Patience is a virtue.

I’ve made this mistake. My hairline was all types of fucked

first sign of a bad barber when his line is fucked

bruh this post to real

now i just go 10 - 11 am when they first open no line

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Omgsh; I can’t!

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oooooh celsior

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RetcH - City Lights / Blockwork

Only fuck with real bitches, put em on some knowledge.

Get up in her head and now she wanna leave her college.

Devil in a new dress and new pair of Pradas.

And I dont fuck with bitches with the chipped nail polish.

jordanthefrightener yeah that’s true. Lots of these shows overdo it with the filler bullshit. Like bleach for example..

Yeah dawg, it’s definitely one of the classics…was hella short though jordanthefrightener



air ballout

Lol what

^^someones never heard of ballin no nba

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what can be smooth but also rough ;)))))

endoplasmic reticulum

follow for more cell facts